Coloured uPVC Doors

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Our selection of external colour doors come in lots of different styles and are remarkably popular with most homeowners. Not just due to the way they can transform the look of a home but because they are also durable and virtually maintenance-free.

Quality Doors

Our uPVC Doors are built from high-impact uPVC in subject to UK building regulations, and it’s an excellent solution for energy saving as it keeps the cold out, and it stops the heat from escaping. 

The wipe-clean finish of uPVC makes them a practical choice for busy households. While the vast array of styles, colours and finishings means that the combinations are endless and guaranteed to suit any house, bungalow or even stately home.

Black uPVC Doors fitted and designed
yellow elegant residential apartment door

Front Door​

Entrance door is the focal point of your home, so we incorporated aesthetics with modern uPVC composite doors for you to be able to create a perfect impression. It’s a beautiful centrepiece at an incredibly low cost.

french doors, nostalgic and secure with extra locks

French Door​

Our high-quality French Door supports a 5-point locking system for added security. It’s also a great piece to add a touch of character to your home and provides a perfect opening to access your balcony and garden area.

bi-fold large interior and exterior patio doors

Bi-fold Door

Bi-folding doors which also features 5-point locking system allows you to make the most out of your living area, without compromising the space available. Our bi-folding doors can be a beautiful piece in your home without breaking the bank!

Types Of Doors

Whatever your needs if you live in South Wales we have the doors for you.

Why Choose P&J uPVC Doors?

Competitive Pricing

We provide a competitive and reasonable price for our uPVC doors.

Quality guaranteed

We provide a 5-year guarantee to our uPVC doors to ensure that our product meets the quality standard.

Elegant Design

Our stock of Coloured uPVC Doors is craftily designed and embellished with quality doorknobs to create a professional and refined look.

Benefits Of Coloured uPVC Doors

Energy efficient

Our Coloured uPVC Doors are energy-efficient and a high-performance door option. Its insulation property will help to retain heat during the winter season and cold air in the summer. So you can save money on your bills while reducing carbon footprint and living comfortably with the perfect temperature in your home.

Low maintenance

Wooden door frames require high maintenance, and it demands repaint or revarnishing every five yours due to its propensity to rot and flake. On the other hand, uPVC doors offer a low maintenance solution. Aside from giving your doors an occasional wipe down, you can spend your money and time elsewhere.

Reduces condensation

With the help of our uPVC Door’s superior insulation properties, you can keep your windowpanes at a warmer temperature.
It’s an added benefit to your home, as it will prevent water vapour from settling, which causes other household problems.

Safe and Secure

You can have peace of mind when using these doors with their 5 part locking system. They can also improve you’re fire safety rating.

Affordable option

Compared to both wooden and composite uPVC doors are a cheaper and cost-effective, while offering multiple benefits.

Design Choices

You won’t have to compromise the aesthetics when choosing UPVC doors because it is available in various colour and finishes, so you’ll sure to find the perfect door for your home.

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High-quality and professionally installed uPVC Doors can last up to 20 years without losing any of their insulating capacity.

The standard thickness of Coloured uPVC Door, which meets Building Regulation’s performance standard is 28mm

The typical standard front door size in the UK is 1981 x 838 x 35mm or 2’9″ which provides enough opening width for wheelchair access under the Part’M’ mobility requirements.

Fitting uPVC doors without experience and training is not advised due to the complexities involved. When we do it it generally takes 2 professionals a day to fit but more if structural work is required.

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Large Composite Door
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