Cost of Doors: All You Need to Know about Front Door Prices in 2021

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Getting a new front door doesn’t always have to be expensive, replacing your old door with a newer model can be done on a budget, if you know what you’re looking for. You might see other websites offering a list of front door prices but there’s a lot of factors to consider that you need to know before you can start to compare quotes from suppliers. The cost of a new front door will be dependent on style, size & materials used. The following article will outline the average cost of front doors in the UK and what your budget can get you.

What is the average cost of a new front door?

The average price of a new front door in the UK can vary depending on the style, size & material you’d like to use, on average a upvc door can be bought for £200, although this may differ depending on provider and whether or not you require an installation.
New front door prices tend to jump up when considering different styles, with upvc being the most affordable and other higher quality doors such as composite being a longer-lasting door solution.

What styles & types of doors are available?

It’s easy to confuse front door styles with the type of door itself. A front door can be made from wood, aluminium, steel or brick. This helps to distinguish the type of door you can choose. There are a number of styles available. From solid front doors, if your front door is solid wood it will be made of two sections. This means that the inner sections are the same width but the outer sections will be thinner. This provides flexibility and a more solid look. Wrought iron front door Wrought iron is a type of iron found in wrought-iron gates and fences. A wrought iron front door looks simple but when it’s properly cleaned & stained it will be an amazing addition to your house.
The types of doors usually available are differentiated between quality, durability and material.

Upvc Front Doors are the most common type of front door in the UK, it’s used for low-cost building products typically for doors & windows. They are the most affordable and cost-effective methods of producing weather-resistant doors, however compared to composite style doors they may be slightly less in quality.

composite doors are made from various materials, and are designed with a more durable and long-lasting approach. On average a composite door has a life expectancy of around 30-35 years meaning you may be expected to pay more, but will not likely have to replace again for a long while.

What is the difference between upvc doors & composite doors?

Examining the difference between upvc & composite can take many things into consideration, both doors will serve their designed purpose and protect your home/ commercial property from resilient weather, keep droughts at bay.
Apart from price, with composite doors ranging towards 50% more than the standard upvc door, often not including installation. The style and material are completely different between both doors. Comparing the two can be done when considering the type of insulation needed, are you planning on remaining in the property for the long-run?
with other key differences between security, durability and aesthetic to consider.
What are the prices for the different styles?
As well as different style of doors, there are also different cost of prices for them. When shopping for a new front door, you need to think about what you are after. This will vary from buyer to buyer but the main things you should consider are the material that you want, the style, the style of doors and the quantity that you want. A cheaper door is not necessarily better.

A upvc door will typically cost between £200-£300 for the standard door price, not including installation, with installation included depending on your provider you may be looking towards £500- £700 on average.
Whereas a good standard composite door will typically cost no less than £500, and on average range between £800-£1,000, Without installation fees. However many providers may include installation fees within their price, which is why it’s important to call ahead and request a full quote of service.

To Sum Up…

Whether you’re putting in a new door or replacing an existing one, it’s important to pick the right one. Check the door’s dimensions and look at what other suppliers are charging for it to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. It’s also extremely important when dealing with the replacement of front doors & windows to know if you meet security requirements (UK), which prevents intruders breaking and entering.

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