Cost of Windows and Doors

black front door on red brick house

Are you looking for an energy-efficient window solution or an aesthetical and durable front door that fits within your budget? If yes, there’s a range of uPVC door and window options out there that offer both, including the newly popular composite doors.

The average cost of windows and doors can range from depending on many factors, typically new window costs can begin at £300 and range upwards towards £800 depending on the style and materials used. Whereas the cost of a new door can be more expensive, once again depending on materials. For example a uPVC door on average costs £400 but can increase depending on style, colour and installation fees, whereas a composite door average price is more towards the £800 range. If you’re looking to replace your windows and doors, it is often easier to combine the process into one rehaul, rather than separating the two jobs, in order to give your home a complete new style with matching windows and doors. But how would do you know which one is the best one for your home?

To help you out, we created a guide that will serve as your road map to the world of modern windows and doors. It will help you find the best window and door solution for your home and help you understand the benefits of each individual piece.

Let’s start exploring the uPVC windows first and let’s discover the advantages it can offer to help you decide if it’s the one for your home.

uPVC Windows

double glazing bay windows letting in natural light.
Installed Double glazing bay windows.

When you are building or renovating your home, you’ll have to invest time picking the right windows for your home. Quality window is essential since it is one of the factors that affect the overall temperature of your home. Today, instead of choosing single-glazed windows that are generally cheaper, people are looking for a more cost-effective option that is more expensive but will save them from draught and high energy bills during the cold season. One of the best solutions for this is double-glazing.

What is double glazing?

You’d often hear the word double-glazing as a technical term used by window manufacturers. But to put it simply, ​double glazing​ is used to describe a window with ​two parallel layers of glass ​ which are separated by a layer of insulating Argon gas which has 67% of thermal conductivity. This air gap should be at least 12mm to ensure that it can efficiently trap the warm air inside your home and improve energy efficiency.
Fun Fact:​ Did you know that the word glazing is a specialised window term derived from the Middle English word for glass?

Why do you need double glazing?

According to Gary Smith of Australian Window Association, in a house standard single-glazed windows can cause 49% of the envelope’s heat loss and only 87% of heat gain even if the house has wall and ceiling insulation.

On the other hand, a high-quality, well-insulated double-glazed window can make a big difference because it can improve your home’s insulation to as much as 73%. Aside from thermal insulation, it provides multiple beneficial factors that a single-glazed window simply can’t compete with, including the following:

● Noise reduction A double-glazed window can reduce the noise that enters your room by up to 70%. Therefore, it’s an excellent option if you’re living in a noisy neighbourhood.

● Lower energy consumption If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, double glazing is the ideal solution because you don’t have to turn on the heat during the cold season and air condition during summer. All thanks to its excellent insulation performance.

● Appealing aesthetics The premium finish in double-glazed windows makes it an attractive addition to your home’s aesthetics. It also complements most of today’s architectures.

● Easy to maintain and eco-friendly With simple upkeeping and regular cleaning, your double-glazing can last up to 20 years. And since it reduces your home’s energy consumption, it is also eco-friendly.

● Increased property value On top of its benefits, utilising this type of glass window can increase the value of your property around 10%, making your home more attractive to future potential buyers.

How much is double glazing?

The cost of double glazing can vary between £150 to £600 or more, depending on its type and size. Here’s a rough estimate of the prices of different kinds of double-glazed uPVC windows.

Casement window: £300 – £400

Sash window: £600 – £800

Tilt and turn window: £500 – £600

uPVC Coloured Doors

custom built uPVC front door for customer, oak wood style door with gold handle and letterbox
Front uPVC door custom built & designed.

If you’re looking to wow the neighbourhood with the focal point of your home, choosing a coloured uPVC door may be the way to gain their attention. uPVC doors are designed to add a touch of flair and style to the front of your house, whilst also providing safety and security for you and your family.

What are uPVC coloured doors?

As its name suggests, uPVC coloured door is a type of door made with an insulated steel frame encased by an Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride to create a sealed unit which is sturdy and thermally-efficient. Although it has a plasticky finish, it’s a cost-effective option that can add security to your home in a stylish way.

What makes them suitable for your home?

● Security Most uPVC doors are inexpensive, but it doesn’t mean that it is not secure. They are because they have a strong outer frame and multi-point locks that make it a durable and sturdy entrance door.

● Energy-efficiency One of the reasons why uPVC doors are in demand is due to its efficiency in thermal insulation that preserves the internal warmth of the house in winter; thus helping you to reduce your energy bills.

● Noise insulation A coloured uPVC door is useful in providing reducing the noise that enters your home, especially when combined with a double-glazed window.

● Longevity A uPVC coloured door’s life expectancy is around 20 to 25 years, but it depends on how you look after it. By cleaning it regularly, it can last longer.

How can they improve the aesthetic of your home?

Since front doors are the focal point of your home, your choice of the door affects the aesthetics of the entrance of your home, uPVC doors offer a range of stylish options that complements both modern and classic homes, meaning there’s a choice for every home available.

How much are uPVC Front Doors?

Coloured uPVC doors price ranges between £250-£380, which is about 60% less expensive than a composite door. If you’re working on a budget for your front door, it offers a cost-effective option without compromising quality or aesthetic.

What is the design process with P & J Windows?

We’ve simplified our design process for our customers to have better and faster transactions while delivering the best quality windows and doors to our customers. It starts with a site survey​ ​where one of our professionals will visit your home and measure the windows and doors to ensure that it matches the overall design and look of your house. He can also give you additional information regarding the quote and guide you in choosing the design and give you an insight into the installation.

Then, we will provide the custom-built doors based on your preferences in design, style and colours and carry out the installation of your new front doors and windows.

Composite Doors

Composite front door designs, unique front door composite style with extra security
composite door custom built for Aberdare home with unique glass design.

If you’re looking for a more secure and durable door that suits your modern home, a composite door might be the best deal for you. Unlike uPVC which is made from pure plastic, a composite door’s construction provides an edge over the uPVC, designed for its durability composite doors are the most likely doors to obstruct intruders, Not to mention their elegant design and visually pleasing look truly is remarkable.

But, what really is a composite door and is it superior to uPVC?

Let’s find out.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are doors made from a combination of selected materials including a solid timber core, water, water-resistant synthetic material known as uPVC, insulating foam, and glass-reinforced plastic(GRP). These most robust door materials from the market were fused by pressing and glueing them together under high-pressure conditions to create a highly durable door. It was designed to withstand impact and provide more security while enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Why are they becoming so popular?
Composite doors are among the most advanced doors in the market, no wonder why it is becoming so popular in UK homes today. It is 10% thicker than most entries in the market, and it promotes maximum energy efficiency. This premium product also provides better security against intruders, thanks to its high-quality, glass-reinforced materials that set it beyond ordinary uPVC doors. It’s also becoming something of a fashion statement too, with composite doors showing off an elegant and chic design to the front of a home.

What are the beneficial things of having a composite door?

Composite doors have multiple advantages over other options in the market that makes it a top choice for many. Here are the reasons why you should consider it if you’re planning to update your entrance door to your home.

● Energy-efficient solution One of the most significant selling points of composite doors is its heat insulation feature that is second to none. With this drought-free option, you can rest assured that no heat can escape during winter months, composite doors are guaranteed to provide you and your family with the extra added insulations

● Striking appearance The appearance is one of the essential factors that we look at a door, and the aesthetics of composite doors have that curb appeal that stands out. It boasts a premium finish accentuated by its attractive hardware. It adds a hint of elegance and luxury to a home.

● Improved Safety Composite doors come with an anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-snap cylinder and multi-point locking system to ensure optimum security and protection against intruders. They’re also so thick and sturdy that it would be nearly impossible to break through them.

● Noise reduction The structure of composite doors also helps to reduce unwanted noise and provides acoustic insulation to make your home peaceful and quiet. Thus, it’s an excellent choice if you are living in busy areas..

● Low maintenance This type of door requires little to no maintenance. It offers both simplicity and sustainability, and with a bit of wiping of a wet cloth to remove the dirt, it can last up to 30 years or more without the need for repaint or varnish.

● Eco-friendly On top of those benefits mentioned, composite doors are also eco-friendly because its solid timber came from sustainable forests, and its outer framing is lead-free.

How much are composite doors?

Composite doors tend to be more expensive than traditional doors and uPVC. It usually costs around £850 or beyond, depending on the glazing and design features you choose. But if you would look into the benefits it can provide, the advantages can surely outweigh the cost. Since about 35% of heat loss usually occurs through walls and gaps in and around doors and windows, a poorly insulated door is one of the culprits that causes this figure.

But a draught-proof composite one that has impressive insulating qualities can do the trick in minimising heat loss significantly. Therefore, you can save more in the long run since it improves the heat insulation of your home, making it more energy-efficient. And it translates to reduced energy bills and cost-effectivity. So, it’s worth considering if you are looking for a better quality door that will protect you from burglars and help you have peace of mind.

Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Working during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses work and how products and services are delivered. And here in P & J Windows, we ensure that all reasonable measures are undertaken in compliance with the Coronavirus regulations to minimise the risk of coronavirus exposure. We care about our customer’s health and well-being. So, as we strive to deliver quality services, we make sure that each member of our team wears complete PPE and apply physical distancing of 2 meters apart in the workplace and the delivery and installation of windows and doors.

We also conduct daily in-person and virtual health screenings of our employees and disinfect our workplace and products that we have to bring to your home to ensure your safety. They’re trained to strictly follow the implementation of physical distancing, good personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection and other safe work practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As we know that this can only be beaten, by working together.

So if you’re interested in new windows & doors, a site survey or a general understanding of what options are available, contact us today to discuss any questions or queries. We are here to help, we operate mainly in the surrounding valleys of Aberdare, in South Wales.

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